Spring Break Essentials

I am super excited today to be linking up with Olivia from NC Prepsters and other amazing bloggers around the world to bring you some spring break fun! Olivia will be going to Peru this year. I am sure she will have tons of fun and…

Rainbow Cupcakes

  I made these beautiful colorful cupcakes. They are super delicious. I normally wouldn’t add sprinkles, but they add color. To make the cupcakes you will first To make the cupcakes you will first need to make the white cake mix.

2016 Goals and Hopes

1. My goals for 2016 is to grow my Instagram and my blog. I have met so many bloggers throughout my journey that some have become my friends. I have also made a snail mail friend. You probably know her by her Instagram (@TheOfficialPrep). So…

Trevor James Products

Trevor James Products sells beautiful affordable bracelets and watches. The products range from $22.99 being the highest to $13.59. The theme colors are mainly teal and navy blue to remind people of the beautiful oceans that surrounds us. I personally love this because during the…

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I'm Shelly! A college student trying to make it in life.


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