Spring Break Essentials

I am super excited today to be linking up with Olivia from NC Prepsters and other amazing bloggers around the world to bring you some spring break fun! Olivia will be going to Peru this year. I am sure she will have tons of fun and…

Paper Clip Bookmarks

Hey, guys. Will you please do me a favor and complete this quick survey. It will take less than a minute. I want to start selling these cute bookmarks, but I am not sure if they will sell.

The Newsette

  Hey, guys. I need your help. I am so close to being a part of “Newsette Network”. All I need is for YOU to subscribe to their Newsette. Please click here and make sure to fill in my name, Shelly Pineda, as the person…

Favorite Snowy Memory

My favorite memory is the first day it snowed during this winter season. As usual, my father always tries to make a snowman. We were having a competition to see who could make the best snowman. My dad started to make his and got an idea.

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I'm Shelly! A college student trying to make it in life.


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