how my journey to pre-med started – anecdote #1

so i decided to do a little series on my blog about my journey through premed because it is a big part of my life, and i’m hoping it will help at least one person out there in this big world. i didn’t have any help and i’m always trying to learn more from other sources, life experiences, and advisors. these posts will be short, informative and full of motivation. i am keeping it 100% real, and i will be updating frequently! i have so much that i want to share, so i hope you stick around.

my journey started my senior year of high school. my whole life i wanted to be a teacher because i loved school supplies and until this day i still do. i did a complete 360 when i met my anatomy teacher, mrs. scheaf. she opened the doors to a world that i didn’t think i was good enough to fit in. she believed i could be someone. throughout the year, we took a few field trips, but it didn’t click until we visited texas tech health sience center. i saw so many students walking around in their scrubs, a foot, a brain, and i knew this was where i was supposed to be. i have always been all about volunteering and giving back and becoming a physician would mean that i would do this daily as my job. how cool is that?!

so here i am on a journey has me crying, stressed, but grateful because i know at the end it will be worth it.

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