Roses are Red… New Things are Coming.

Roses are Red... New Things are Coming.
Summer is going by so fast! I have so many college and life blog posts coming up, so stay tuned and make sure you subscribe to Timeless Brunette to get notifications as soon as the posts go live. I will be talking all about sorority rush, being a double major, social life, and more. I will also be bringing back the college edition newsletter.

My life is so hectic right now. I have finals coming up (also, if you don’t have to take summer classes don’t take them), a fun collaboration with Kirkland’s, and other fun projects. Having all of these opportunities brings back my passion for blogging. I love having a space where I can share who I am. I am a stressed out college student who loves to shop maybe a little too much, is obsessed with Amazon Prime (who else is with me), and likes to treat herself with handbags.

Also, I started a new series on my blog about what I am purchasing from Amazon. New Amazon post should be up by the beginning of August. I might have purchased way too may stationary supplies.

I have teamed up with Sight Supply to give everyone a free month daily lenses. All you have to do is sign up at You can cancel at any time! It is super easy just upload your prescription and fill in your doctor’s information. Enjoy.


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