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Can you believe it’s already July? It’s the best month of the year not only because it’s in the summer, but it’s my birthday month!

In case you didn’t know, I am taking summer classes, and they are not fun. To keep myself sane I treat myself every once in a while because why not. (Confession: I am addicted to Amazon Prime.) Two-day shipping is my thing. Plus, it’s so easy to just click “buy now.” I decided to share what I purchased last month because I am loving these things, and some are on sale too. 

Charging Case
My phone is always dying on me. I leave it in battery saving mode, but it doesn’t help (I kind of feel that it drain the battery more). I was in need of a case that wouldn’t break my bank because I am a broke college student. When searching through countless hours through Amazon reading reviews and looking at the prices, I found the one. This case comes in 5 different colors, charges up your phone to almost full battery, and comes with a 24-month warranty. JACKPOT!

Slide Sandals
I was originally going to buy the Birkenstocks which costs $39, but then I saw that shipping was $14. Nope, not in my budget. I decided to go with these adorable shoes. They are so comfy and make me look tanner, I win! I bought them for $28 last week, and now they are $10 dollars LESS. They do run a size big, so I definitely recommend sizing down one.

You have probably seen these sunnies all over my Instagram (shameless promo: go follow me if you don’t already). I already had a pair, but I lost them in the bus in campus. I don’t EVER wear my Ray-Ban because I know I will most likely lose them. They are stylish and to the job.

This is the best investment I could have made. I recently started doing my note on my iPad, and it was a game changer. I found this while getting lost in the big Amazon world. The tip is small enough to write amazing notes, plus, it can be used for any touch device. I recently started using it for my Instagram stories! Two in one deal!

Headbands have never worked in my favor. They make me look bald and slide off my head. The struggle was real. I hadn’t used one since probably middle school. Believe me when I tell you these are AMAZING. They are adjustable in the back, so you can choose how big or tight you want it. They are soft, good quality, and ONLY $14.

I hate that the iPhone does not have a headphone jack separately. I am always charging my phone in the car, but I could listen to my music until this little device came into my life. (Also, I already lost it 🙃.)

Book Stand
I needed one to hold my humongous books, while I typed notes.

Another pair because you can never have too many.

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