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Timeless Brunette, Epica

You are most likely wondering why in the world am I wearing a cami, well fall weather hasn’t quite hit West Texas yet. The temperature is supposed to drop next week which means I can finally bring out all those sweaters and scarves that I have been stocking up on. My life has been hectic and stressful these past days, but it’s all good because I only have to take ONE of my semester finals!

I partnered up with Epica to bring to y’all this adorable outfit! The details of this top are so dang cute. Plus, as the weather starts to get colder you can definitely layer it with cardigans and scarves. Just think of the possibilities! The glasses that are seen down below are also from Epica. They were so kind to send me an exclusive coupon to share with my readers! Use the code “SHELLYPINEDA25” for 25% off all your orders. I was just looking at their new arrivals, and I fell in love with them!

Timeless Brunette, Epica

Timeless Brunette, EpicaTimeless Brunette, EpicaTimeless Brunette, EpicaTimeless Brunette, EpicaTimeless Brunette, EpicaTimeless Brunette, Epica

This post is sponsored by Epica Clothing and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Timeless Brunette possible!

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  1. 11.30.17
    Allie said:

    I love this style of cami. Anything that flows out like that is my favorite thing to wear. So flattering and comfy and stylish, all at the same time. It’s crazy that it’s still so warm where you live! I live in CA where it’s like 110 half the year, and it finally got cold. I have a huge sweater and aloe socks on (: Super cute outfit!

  2. 11.30.17
    Tatianna said:

    super cute cami! the temp is finally dropping out here in southern california too and i’ve been living for it!!

  3. 11.30.17

    Living in Western Canada, I’m definitely jealous of your weather! Great shots of your outfit, this is a really cute top!

  4. 11.30.17
    Ruxandra said:

    love the pics and more importantly the confidence you show, very inspiring!

  5. 11.30.17
    Danie said:

    That is a really cute cami. I have never seen lace at the bottom of one. I also love the sunglasses. You have such a great smile. Enjoy the warm weather. It is up and down where we live.

  6. 12.1.17

    i think u look really cute, that cami is nice has a very sutle pink color and background looks amazing

  7. 12.1.17
    Maninder said:

    That such a cute cami and lucky you! Can still wear them at this time of the year, it’s all about the sweaters here up North!

  8. 12.1.17
    Feira said:

    I absolutely love the lace detail. I would pair it with a blazer, dark wash jeans and a light scarf. It looks beautiful on you.

  9. 12.2.17
    Tara said:

    that top is so delicate and pretty!

  10. 12.4.17
    Jenn said:

    Such a cute cami! Love the straps and the lace detailing.

    Jenn |

  11. 12.7.17
    Mattie said:

    Such a cute cami! I’m obsessed with anything lace!!