Black Friday with rue21

Black Friday is here. I am so dang excited about it. I have bought so many things from amazon, gymshark, and other stores. I stocked up on winter coats and a bunch legging. Everything I am wearing here is for…

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new favorite store – express


Pretty Little Thing – Summer Haul

pretty little thing has been one of my favorite websites to shop from for a long time. they literally have everything you can imagine from shoes, dress, rompers, to accessories. i couldn’t resist getting some goodies from their summer collections! plus, they are having a…

how gaming united my friends and sisters in college

yes, i am 21 and still play video games. it is something my sisters and i have always done. ever since we were little we would save up our money and buy a game. it was and still is our bonding time. we designate a…

Shein Haul Under $20

there is nothing i love more than not spending tons of money on clothes. i think all my college gals can agree with me. we are trying to survive with $32 in the bank account and eating roman noodles. i am pretty sure by now…

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I'm Shelly! A college student trying to make it in life.


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