Instagram Roundup | July 2017

I decided to try something new this month. At the end of every month from now on, I will start doing Instagram roundups. I have seen many bloggers doing it, so why not jump on the wagon. I feel like it will bring some excitement to Timeless Brunette, and it will be a little different because not only will I be sharing pictures that are a bit more personal but also pictures you don’t get to see on my blog. Most of these are probably taken from my iPhone camera, not a DSLR camera. You can also shop these Instagram Roundups! Enjoy!

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5 Dorm Room Needs

When it comes to living in a dorm your first semester you never know what you’ll need, so you tend to other pack or forget the things you wouldn’t have thought you would need. I have talked about Dorm Room Essentials before which covers anything from room supplies to clothing. If you haven’t checked it out click here. I have listed 5 needs that will make moving in and living in your dorm easier.  View Post


A Hint of Pink

FullSizeRender 102

Guess who just turned 19? This girl. It’s my BIRTHDAY!! It is also the start of my birthday week. I know it sounds weird, but my family has this tradition where we celebrate my dad’s birthday for a whole month (August) and my birthday for a week! I will be posting a full recap of my birthday week next Wednesday, so stay tuned! Also, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter. Giveaways, discounts and much more will be shared.
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10 Things College Freshmen Need to Know


1. Go to Class

We all know that college is really expensive. So why waste money and not attend class. If you start skipping class you will start to develop a bad habit that you will regret. There are days where you might have a valid excuse, but I highly recommend that you go unless you are physically or mentally suffering. REMEMBER: View Post


Caffeinated & Motivated


It is the most important part of the day, coffee time! Most of us can’t survive with a dose of caffeine. During college, I know for sure will be living off of it. Which is why finding the perfect coffee maker is a must. View Post