#ForeverChuck - Timeless Brunette

Chucks have been in every step of the way in life. I know it seems a little silly, but I am serious. They have been with from senior prom to college. Yes, I am talking about the shoes. We all know they will never go out of style. I don’t think I know a single person that doesn’t own a pair of Chucks. If that is you, jump on the wagon and treat yourself to shoes that will last you a lifetime and give you many memories. You can customize and style them any way you want. View Post


Passionate Cuff Bracelet – OOTD

Passionate Cuff Bracelet

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Nothing excites me more than the start of a new year. It means the beginning of a new person, new vibes, and new opportunities. View Post


Pretty Little Details || OOTD

Top – codeSPINEDA/ Jeans/ Necklace – code “shelly15”

It was finally time for me to jump on the velvet train. Believe or not I have NEVER owned anything made out of velvet, but there is always a first time for everything. I have been searching for the perfect holiday, and I found it while getting lost in the internet world. View Post


What My First Semester of College Was Like & Tips

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Background Information: I took dual credit classes in high school, so I actually transferred to college with 33 hours which makes me a sophomore. I say freshman year because it’s basically my first year of officially attending a university. View Post


One Last Time || OOTD

Timeless Brunette, Epica

You are most likely wondering why in the world am I wearing a cami, well fall weather hasn’t quite hit West Texas yet. The temperature is supposed to drop next week which means I can finally bring out all those sweaters and scarves that I have been stocking up on. My life has been hectic and stressful these past days, but it’s all good because I only have to take ONE of my semester finals! View Post