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  • Girls’ Night In – Valentine’s Day 2 Edition

    Girls’ Night In – Valentine’s Day 2 Edition
  • Girls’ Night In – Valentine’s Day 1 Edition

    Girls’ Night In – Valentine’s Day 1 Edition
  • 2019 goals

    2019 goals
  • The Brunette Who Overcame 2018

    The Brunette Who Overcame 2018

what to wear: basketball game


I hope everyone is had an amazing week! Basketball season is in full swing, and my university’s team is doing pretty damn well. Go Red Raiders! I teamed up with Flying Colors Apparel to bring to you three adorable outfits. I will be doing a post for each so stay tuned. View Post


Sweater Weather + Hair Care

Timeless Brunette || Sweater Weather

I am not a hair care professional at all, I just want to share my true experience my the Monat Shampoo. At the beginning of the year, I decided to get a haircut because my hair was growing extremely slow, and I could see split ends. I had been looking for the ideal product that would make my hair look healthier and thicker, and after searching Kaylee came to my rescue. She offered me a chance at trying the Monat Shampoo and conditioner. I knew this was my chance at finally trying the shampoo that was so recommended by some of my blogger friends. I can honestly tell y’all that it was the best decision. After just a week of trying it. I am completely obsessed with it. I could see start to feel the difference in my hair. It felt lighter, stronger, and softer. View Post


mastering your night routine + room sneak peak

mastering your night routine || timeless brunette

A lot of people don’t know that to have a successful day you need to master your night routine. Everything is just a giant cycle. If something is wrong there will be consequences. I can’t lie though when I start to get heavily invested in my college classes I probably go to bed around 2 AM, not healthy at all! After my first semester of college, hopefully, I will learn to master my bedtime. Here are a few tips to help you out with your night routine. View Post


make money on the side as a college student

make money on the side as a college student
Use the code “SPTTU” for 15% off all orders from Jadelynn Brooke.

A few months ago, I did a similar post called College Student Discounts, and since then I have found other ways of making money. Being a full-time college student on the route to medical school is hard to keep a job because classes are so time-consuming. Having to save money for tuition, textbook, and other expenses is not an easy thing to do. View Post


timeless bomber jacket

timeless bomber jacket - timeless brunette

Bomber jackets have always been a classic that comes around frequently. They come in different colors and textures; it depends on the season and current trend. They can go from making an outfit look super casual to making it look badass. Easy to layer over different outfits, bomber jackets are the perfect wardrobe fallback. I’ve been wanting one for so long, but I could never make myself actually purchase one. And well, I waited. Now, I have the perfect one in TWO colors, olive and black!! View Post