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  • The Brunette with the Pink Sweatshirt

    The Brunette with the Pink Sweatshirt
  • The Brunette with the Embroidered Backpack

    The Brunette with the Embroidered Backpack
  • Roses are Red… New Things are Coming.

    Roses are Red… New Things are Coming.
  • Welcome to the Wilds of Africa!

    Welcome to the Wilds of Africa!

New Confidence & New Find

New Confidence & New Find

I am so excited for this post because I honestly felt a new wave of confidence in myself. Plus, I came across the cutest shop ever, and I needed to share it with everyone. For the longest time, I have struggled with my confidence. I would scroll through my Instagram feed looking at all the Instagram models and bloggers. Always comparing myself to them, but I soon realized that it was hurting me. I had to take a break from Instagram and rethink what I was doing. I am doing this to help inspire people. My new confidence is here to stay, and I am so excited to bring you content that I actually truly LOVE.  View Post


what to wear: basketball game


I hope everyone is had an amazing week! Basketball season is in full swing, and my university’s team is doing pretty damn well. Go Red Raiders! I teamed up with Flying Colors Apparel to bring to you three adorable outfits. I will be doing a post for each so stay tuned. View Post


Sweater Weather + Hair Care

Timeless Brunette || Sweater Weather

I am not a hair care professional at all, I just want to share my true experience my the Monat Shampoo. At the beginning of the year, I decided to get a haircut because my hair was growing extremely slow, and I could see split ends. I had been looking for the ideal product that would make my hair look healthier and thicker, and after searching Kaylee came to my rescue. She offered me a chance at trying the Monat Shampoo and conditioner. I knew this was my chance at finally trying the shampoo that was so recommended by some of my blogger friends. I can honestly tell y’all that it was the best decision. After just a week of trying it. I am completely obsessed with it. I could see start to feel the difference in my hair. It felt lighter, stronger, and softer. View Post


mastering your night routine + room sneak peak

mastering your night routine || timeless brunette

A lot of people don’t know that to have a successful day you need to master your night routine. Everything is just a giant cycle. If something is wrong there will be consequences. I can’t lie though when I start to get heavily invested in my college classes I probably go to bed around 2 AM, not healthy at all! After my first semester of college, hopefully, I will learn to master my bedtime. Here are a few tips to help you out with your night routine. View Post


make money on the side as a college student

make money on the side as a college student
Use the code “SPTTU” for 15% off all orders from Jadelynn Brooke.

A few months ago, I did a similar post called College Student Discounts, and since then I have found other ways of making money. Being a full-time college student on the route to medical school is hard to keep a job because classes are so time-consuming. Having to save money for tuition, textbook, and other expenses is not an easy thing to do. View Post