Rainbow Cupcakes


IMG_5261.JPGI made these beautiful colorful cupcakes. They are super delicious. I normally wouldn’t add sprinkles, but they add color. To make the cupcakes you will first

To make the cupcakes you will first need to make the white cake mix. View Post


The Newsette


Hey, guys. I need your help. I am so close to being a part of “Newsette Network”. All I need is for YOU to subscribe to their Newsette. Please click here and make sure to fill in my name, Shelly Pineda, as the person that referred you. Thank so much. 81bcc15f-d1d8-4c51-afa3-51e275b0476d.png View Post


Favorite Snowy Memory

IMG_5053.JPGMy favorite memory is the first day it snowed during this winter season. As usual, my father always tries to make a snowman. We were having a competition to see who could make the best snowman. My dad started to make his and got an idea. View Post


Favorite January Tunes

  1. sam-hunt-2014-promo-650x400.jpgThe song that I can’t seem to take my mind off is Break Up In A Small Town by Sam Hunt. The lyrics are amazing. I still remember when I first saw Sam Hunt perform it was in 2014 when he was on tour with Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes. When he came out with red skinny jeans, I remember thinking
    “what kind of country artist dresses like that”. Despite that, I fell in love with his voice.

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2016 Goals and Hopes

1. My goals for 2016 is to grow my Instagram and my blog. I have met so many bloggers throughout my journey that some have become my friends. I havtumblr_mvn9qtP2VM1smlxuho1_500e also made a snail mail friend. You probably know her by her Instagram (@TheOfficialPrep). So far I haven’t met anyone in my town that blogs but maybe in the future I will. View Post