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  • The Brunette with the Pink Sweatshirt

    The Brunette with the Pink Sweatshirt
  • The Brunette with the Embroidered Backpack

    The Brunette with the Embroidered Backpack
  • Roses are Red… New Things are Coming.

    Roses are Red… New Things are Coming.
  • Welcome to the Wilds of Africa!

    Welcome to the Wilds of Africa!


This year I have had the pleasure of working with many different companies. One of them has been Rocksbox. I was contacted by Rocksbox to become one of their “It Girls” for their brand. I immediately responded with yes. Rocksbox is basically a company that will send you three pieces of designer jewelry for $19 every month with free shipping both ways. You pay the same membership fee regardless of how often you exchange your box which is as many as you like. You are also free to cancel at anytime, no tricks.

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Inspire, Motivate

IMG_6193.JPGHey ya’ll,

I have decided to add a new idea to my blog. I recently went to an assembly held by Manny Scott, which really touched my heart. I couldn’t stop crying the whole hour. For those who don’t know who Scott is, he is one of the people from the original Freedom Writers. Freedom Writers is a movie/book about a young teacher that inspires her class of at-risk students to learn tolerance, apply themselves, and pursue education beyond high school. Scott talked about how even in the hardest time you have to keep pushing forward through life. He inspired me to start a new section on my blog called ‘Inspire, Motivate’.

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Pom Pom Keychain

Purses are considered accessories but even accessories have accessories. I personally prefer the pom pom keychain also known as a puff keychain or simply a puff, the little fluffy creatures are meant to be fastened to your handbag or clutch for an added element of flare.
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Sweet Heart Jewels

I recently received this beautiful bracelet and a pair of earnings from Sweet Heart Jewels. The wrapping of the jewelry is very cute, and they are well protected. The shipping is very fast. I love that they are royal blue because that is one of my favorite colors ever!!!


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Stitchin Monograms



I have recently received a package from Stitchin Monogram, and it is amazing. I got a gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer inspired monogrammed key chain with a tassel, a preppy tassel charm bracelet, and she even added two vinyl decals. The prices are great and affordable.

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