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  • The Brunette with the Pink Sweatshirt

    The Brunette with the Pink Sweatshirt
  • The Brunette with the Embroidered Backpack

    The Brunette with the Embroidered Backpack
  • Roses are Red… New Things are Coming.

    Roses are Red… New Things are Coming.
  • Welcome to the Wilds of Africa!

    Welcome to the Wilds of Africa!

25 Motivational Life Quotes


Hello everyone! This blog post is a little different than what I usually do. I will be sharing with you 25 motivational life quotes. I just wanted to take some time to remind y’all to enjoy life and follow your dream! If I can motivate at least one person that will make me the happiest person. Enjoy! View Post


Moisturize with Palmer’s



Hello everyone! Today I will be introducing you to some new products that I have recently tried out that will change your skin routine.I have partnered up with Palmer’s to try their Cocoa Butter Formula products. They are perfect for treating yourself or giveaway! Did you know they also have products for men?!

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How To Get More Blog Views


Hello everyone! Today I am sharing with you tips to getting not only more blog views but also more engagement. When I started blogging I would have wished to have someone guide me through the process. The first couple of months were rocky. I would get frustrated because no one saw my blog. I started understanding little by little. Now I will be sharing some tips I have learned! View Post


6 Affordable Clothing Websites


Hello everyone. My goal as a blogger is to help you in any way I can. Finding fashion forwards clothes online can become hard this is why I am sharing six shopping websites that will definitely not disappoint you. Happy Shopping! View Post


New Year Planning


Hello everyone! I have waited for this moment for a long time. My favorite part of starting a new year is choosing a planner. My world revolves around a planner. They help me stay organize and help me with school. If you are looking for a new planner or a gift I definitely recommend Ashley Shelly Planners and/or Budger Notebooks. Use the code “SHELLY5” for $5 off a 2017 Ashley Shelly Planner Purchase.

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