Ditching Instagram Themes

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Instagram themes are so stressful to me. There is this idea out there in the world that having an Instagram theme is everything in the world. I used to believe this too but with time I realize that it wasn’t letting me express who I truly was. I felt that it was limiting what I could or couldn’t post plus at times it made you leave out great pictures because they didn’t fit in. It was too restricting. View Post


Baseball is Life


Baseball is for everyone. I have never really understood the game itself, but I do enjoy buying baseball stuff (maybe a little too much). I’m kind of the weird child. Believe it or not, I’ve never been to a softball or baseball game. Not because I couldn’t; it’s just because it never “caught” my attention. (Haha, get it caught.) . My main problem is probably that I don’t have the patience to sit through the game and watch them run around bases. I am pretty sure there is more to running, but that’s how I see it. View Post


Where have I been?


I haven’t posted in a while, which really upsets me because I have a posting schedule setup. I have been so busy lately that I have no spare time.

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I Need Your Help!


I need your help. As a part of my job as a campus rep, I was asked to collect emails from people who are interested in hearing more about Serengetee! You will be receiving promotions, sales, and discount codes. You can unsubscribe whenever you want. It will also help me with my the end of the semester project. Please inform your friends too. If you are interested in filling out the form below. Serengetee supports many different causes through their sale of pocketed shirts and accessories like hats and fanny packs.  View Post


Why You Should Sign Up to Become a Clover Collective!


A while ago I bumped into Clover Letter. And I immediately signed up to receive the daily email newsletter. If you hate to watch the news, but still want to be informed about current events. Clover is the way to go. The information is sent in a short email that can include anything from politics to fashion news. I have included a few samples.  View Post