An Album, a Song, and Three TV Shows


An Album || Short Story

I’ve never been a hip-hop kind of girl. The music never really caught my attention until I participated in powderpuff this year (football for girls). I know it sounds a little crazy but bear with me. View Post


Don’t Sweat It || OOTD


It’s hard to think of school right now since most of us just barely got out for summer break, but I can assure you that it will fly by. One thing I am super excited about is that I can finally stock up on college shirts and sweatshirts. In case y’all hadn’t read my other blog post, I chose to attend Texas Tech University. It’s hard to believe that I only own TWO college tees (this sweatshirt and one that was given to me for free by the school), but I intend on changing that this summer. This adorable sweatshirt is from an Etsy shop called Letters By Alex! Use the code “SHELLY17” for 10% off. She has the cutest sweatshirts ever, AND they are super affordable even when you’re on a budget as a broke college student. View Post


Why I Chose Texas Tech University

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I am so excited to start my new journey at Texas Tech University. If you would have told a few years ago that I would be going here I wouldn’t have believed you. It has taken me 18 years to fall in love with Texas Tech. Growing up in Lubbock, Texas the pride for this University was/is beyond this world. The traffic was so bad on game days that it would annoy me. Texas Tech was not my first choice. I did get accepted to my college of choice, Baylor, but at the end of the day it came down to one thing, family.  View Post


Coming to an End…

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After four years of hard studying and stressing it’s finally coming to an end, high school. I haven’t had much fun because I’m always staying up until two o’clock in the morning doing homework or studying, but one thing I am grateful is that I have met the most wonderful and special people I will ever get a chance to meet. View Post


A Day in My Life (Abilene Edition)


(Brynn, Katelyn, Jasmin, Vallory, and ME)

My friends and I decided to take a road trip to Abilene, Texas during our spring break. We had decided a while ago that we were going to go to a zoo mainly because I had been craving to go to one.  View Post