Trevor James Products

Trevor James Products sells beautiful affordable bracelets and watches. The products range from $22.99 49e615_0cc9663cf9994d23a8a71d0615da0a34.jpgbeing the highest to $13.59. The theme colors are mainly teal and navy blue to remind people of the beautiful oceans that surrounds us. I personally love this because during the winter season I always feel like going to the beach. With every purchase made 10% is donate49e615_ceca1bcf9e9849bdaa55653e1433c99f.jpg_srz_p_250_250_75_22_0.5_1.2_0_jpg_srz.jpegd to Waves for Water, an organization that provides clean drinking water for poor areas around the world. They also send you a super cute handmade note with your purchase to show their appreciation. View Post