The Ultimate Summer Guide


Activities to do this Summer

During summer do you ever feel like there is nothing to do? Do you lay in bed checking social media all day? I must admit I am guilty. I love having free time to spend with my family, shopping, and blogging, but sometimes I have too much free time. (Is it even possible to have too much free time?) I have come up with a list of fun activities to do with your family, friends, or even yourself. View Post


Why You Should Sign Up to Become a Clover Collective!


A while ago I bumped into Clover Letter. And I immediately signed up to receive the daily email newsletter. If you hate to watch the news, but still want to be informed about current events. Clover is the way to go. The information is sent in a short email that can include anything from politics to fashion news. I have included a few samples.  View Post


Instagram Theme


Instagram has become the most popular social media out there. It has proven that it isn’t just about sharing pictures. The most popular accounts usually end up having a certain theme they use on every post. Keeping a certain theme on Instagram can help your feed not only look organize, but it also attracts more attention to your account. View Post


Youtube Channel

plain_white_background_211387_Fotor.jpgI have decided to start a youtube channel that will allow me to communicate with my followers and subscribers, I guess you could say face to face. Plus it is way easier to do than writing a post, except the editing part. I will still be updating my blog weekly, but I will try to focus more on my youtube channel. (Does anyone else think of Ariana Grande when you see the word focus?) View Post



Bras.jpgHello Ladies, today I will be talking about something we can relate to, bra-blems. Have you ever been or had an uncomfortable bra situation? I have them all the time. Either my bra keeps riding up or my straps slip. I will be sharing the top 5 problems, that were gathered from a survey I did and give you solutions.

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