Beach Inspired Outifit


Summertime has officially started! We all know it’s that time of year where we travel to go to the beach or the lake. I personally love going to the beach. A fact about myself is that I love to go to the beach, but I HATE getting in the water. The water just grosses me out!

I usually start to buy clothes for summer around May because it seems to be cheaper. Plus I do all of my clothes shopping online. While looking to tanks I stumbled against this cute from Southern’s Finest Co. I do recommend buying a size smaller since my fit me like a dress. View Post


Youtube Channel

plain_white_background_211387_Fotor.jpgI have decided to start a youtube channel that will allow me to communicate with my followers and subscribers, I guess you could say face to face. Plus it is way easier to do than writing a post, except the editing part. I will still be updating my blog weekly, but I will try to focus more on my youtube channel. (Does anyone else think of Ariana Grande when you see the word focus?) View Post



This year I have had the pleasure of working with many different companies. One of them has been Rocksbox. I was contacted by Rocksbox to become one of their “It Girls” for their brand. I immediately responded with yes. Rocksbox is basically a company that will send you three pieces of designer jewelry for $19 every month with free shipping both ways. You pay the same membership fee regardless of how often you exchange your box which is as many as you like. You are also free to cancel at anytime, no tricks.

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Sweet Heart Jewels

I recently received this beautiful bracelet and a pair of earnings from Sweet Heart Jewels. The wrapping of the jewelry is very cute, and they are well protected. The shipping is very fast. I love that they are royal blue because that is one of my favorite colors ever!!!


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Stitchin Monograms



I have recently received a package from Stitchin Monogram, and it is amazing. I got a gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer inspired monogrammed key chain with a tassel, a preppy tassel charm bracelet, and she even added two vinyl decals. The prices are great and affordable.

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