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2019 goals - timeless brunette
2019 is finally here, but i can already tell it’s going to be the best year. in 2018, i made so many new friends through social media, and they have been nothing but supportive and encouraging. this year i have a few goals that i want to accomplish.

1. get more real on social media
i am not saying i’m not real right now, but i want to create deeper connections with more people. instagram doesn’t see my breakdowns, my anxiety, and #reallife; i want to talk more about this because it’s not something people want to talk about but it is needed. i want to actually start using instagram stories to talk, but i hate listening to my voice (currently working up the courage to do this). get ready to see me cry a lot in my car (don’t worry i cry while i’m parked. safety first!). i made it my mission to at least help one person out there through my blog or instagram account.

2. one/two blog posts a week
i recently fell back in love with my blog, and i have so many ideas for this year. i haven’t been very consistent in the past year, but i want to change it, after all, i am paying $150 to keep Timeless Brunette up and running for y’all. if there is anything you want to see please let me know.

3. grow closer to God
it’s simple, i want to grow my faith. i am currently doing a proverbs challenge which is where you read 1 chapter from Proverbs every day. so thankful this Jesus loving gal started this!!

4. stop procrastinating
i am the queen for procrastinating. i need to stop!

5. workout 3 times a week
i started the BBG program at the end of last year for a few weeks straight but stopped due to the holidays being so busy. i am coming back full force! join me and complete this 12-week program with me. along with this, i made it a goal for me to not eat after 7 pm (update: i have broke this 3 times already). i have a bad habit of snacking at night because it’s usually when i am more awake (aka doing homework), night owl here. anyone else? also, i need to drink more water. i’m always dehydrated because i just don’t remember to drink water. i bought a hydroflask to hopefully help me out. according to my calculations, i’m supposed to drink 4 x 32oz. wish me luck.

6. say yes more often
the most unexpected experiences sometimes turn out to be the best.

i am so excited for this year, and hopefully, you’ll stick around for my journey. i am so thankful for all my readers! have an amazing year!

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