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Road Trip - Timeless Brunette

Summer is coming which means free time for more adventures. It is important to keep your skin hydrated and clean at all times to avoid any problem in the long run. For me, summer can be fun and hard because I struggle with dry skin only underneath my lips (kind of weird). I am sharing a product that has helped me so much!!!

I am obsessed with this spray which I have linked above or you can simply find it on Amazon. I have extremely dry skin underneath my lips, and it starts to turn into a purple color. It gets itchy and starts to hurt. Honestly, it is the worst. The only things have been able to help are using this spray, a couple hydrating creams, and not scrubbing my face too harsh. If this sounds like a problem you may have I defiantly recommend you check it out. It dries like water with no residue. Soothes angry, red, dry skin.

If you have any more tips for dry skin drop them down in the comments!!

Road Trip - Timeless Brunette
Road Trip - Timeless Brunette
Road Trip - Timeless Brunette
Road Trip - Timeless Brunette

This post is sponsored by SkinSmart Antimicrobial. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Timeless Brunette possible!


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