what you didn’t think you needed for college

what you didn't think you needed for college - Timeless Brunette

As most of you know, I didn’t stay in a dorm or have to travel to go to college, but I did learn from my friends’ mistakes. I decided to talk about the essential items you probably didn’t you would need. Whether you ate a freshman or not you need to know how to pack before you make the big move!

1. Rain Gear
I remember when it first rained all the girls in campus where panicking not knowing what to do. It also floods really quickly. In my town, it is rare the occasion when it would rain, so no one knew what to exactly pack (aka not packing any rain gear). Always be prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you. Even if it’s a short walk to class, you most likely don’t want to mess up your cute trendy shoes. (Little fact: I kept my rainboots in my car the whole semester in case of an emergency.)

2. Medication
I wanted to stress how important it is to pack meds. You will most likely get sick at least once while you are in college, and you most definitely should not ask someone for medicine. It is not safe. Make a small kit and label each bottle. For example, list what they are for and how to take them.

3. Fan
It gets hot in the dorms, plus you will learn that A/C breaks a lot. Also, I learned from one of my friends that if you mess around the with the thermometer too much you will break down the system, and your university will most likely charge you.

4. Speaker
I know you will want to listen to music while you are in your dorm, so why to take a Bluetooth speaker with you. I highly recommend taking a speaker to school, especially if you are a huge music person. It comes in handy when you are cleaning or studying.

5. Slippers
You probably don’t like wearing shoes around your room (especially when you are in your dorm and you want to go to the bathroom all of the sudden or to get something to eat). Socks get dirty easy, so why not take cute slippers that are comfy. I have to admit towards the end of the semester I started to show up to class in slippers.


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