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August is finally here, which means it’s the season to start back to school shopping. My favorite part of this whole process is buying an agenda! I’m absolutely obsessed with them. I will be a college freshman this year, so I will be trying out a daily agenda instead of the usual Lilly Pulitzer weekly agenda.

I cannot function without one. On a typical day, I probably review my agenda more than 10 times. I know that’s a little too much, but I am very organized. I like knowing what’s going every second. Also, I love decorating my planner with washi tape, stickers, and fun doodles! This is just how my whole system works out between “normal life”, school and blogging. I have been doing so much research to find the perfect agenda to use this year because not every planner is the same each brand typically personalizes theirs in a unique way.

Kate Spade Agenda:
This agenda is a classic. Kate Spade agendas are truly the epitome of elegance. The covers are hard, which is very handy because the Lord knows that they go through so much! The spiral binding is concealed, which makes it easy to slip in and out of a bag. They come in weekly and monthly agenda pages.

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda:
I am very familiar with this agenda. I used them throughout my whole high school life. I honestly love these planners. They are fun and colorful! Plus, they come with a page full of stickers! The artwork in them is simply gorgeous. It comes in different sizes, so choose wisely. I usually go with the large.

Rifle Paper Co. Agenda:
The Rifle Paper Co. Agenda comes in the perfect size 6 by 8. I found out that pens don’t bleed through, which is a win! Every detail seems very well thought out. The planner, in general, looks very user-friendly. I have seen a couple people use them before, and they look so beautiful in person! Agenda:
I have been debating for the longest time whether I should buy one, but this wasn’t the year. The cute factor is off the charts! They have stickers, inspirational quotes, and super fun illustrations! These agendas come in three different sizes. They also give you enough space to doodle! If you are a fun creative person this is your planner!

Vera Bradley Agenda:
This agenda is a daily one, which means it has each day and the times from 7AM-9PM. You can get either the 13 month or 20 month version. It is really simple but to the point. These agendas come with a sticker page, so you don’t have to worry.

What is your favorite agenda?


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  1. August 4, 2017 / 10:48 pm

    i need a new agenda. this sounds so amazing. thank you for sharing babe!


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