College Life Hacks


As an incoming freshman, I am super nervous about college, especially after I found out I will be having one of the hardest professors in my university. I have been pinning every tip I can find that will help me out. I thought I might share some that I have already used in high school that have worked and some new hacks.

Hack #1

If you have a .edu email address, you can get Amazon Prime, Apple Music, and much more at half price. You can also get much more discounts by using the email online or ID in-stores. Check this blog post for more college student discounts.

Hack #2 solves all kinds of math homework problems with step-by-step explanations.

Hack #3

Stop using to search information for school essays, use instead. You’ll find more relevant and reliable information right away.

Hack #4

Save money by checking the following websites for textbooks you might need for free.


Hack #5

When you’re finished with an essay, copy and paste it into Google Translate (If you own a Mac you can click “start speaking”.) It’s the easiest way to fin mistakes.

Hack #6

Need to cite quotes from a book? Don’t bother looking through every page to find it, simply type it into Google Books. It will tell you the page number automatically.

Hack #7

Studying for an exam? Google “site:edu (subject) exam”. You’ll get a bunch of college exams from the same course. A great way to quiz yourself before your actual exam.

Hack #8

At the start of each semester, take the syllabus from each class and fill in the calendar or day planner for the entire semester.

Hack #9

When taking notes in class leave a few pages in the front for a table of contents. This will make it 100 times easier at the end of the year to study from once you have a full notebook.

Hack #10

Studying for 30-50 minutes at a time (with 10-minute breaks in between) is the most effective way to retain information.

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