A Day in My Life (Abilene Edition)


(Brynn, Katelyn, Jasmin, Vallory, and ME)

My friends and I decided to take a road trip to Abilene, Texas during our spring break. We had decided a while ago that we were going to go to a zoo mainly because I had been craving to go to one. 

Schedule for the day:

  1. leave by 8
  2. arrive by 11
  3. get breakfast
  4. go to the zoo
  5. leave zoo
  6. go home

Rule number one for me was NOT to drink any type of liquid before we left because I didn’t want to make a stop (2 hours drive). I don’t really trust gas stations. They kind of creep me out. Brynn drove straight to Abilene without making a stop, and I was thankful. Katelyn’s mother had suggested for us to go to a place called Miguel’s MexTex Cafe for breakfast. When we arrived it was closed, so we decided to go to Hobby Lobby and waste some time. While we were at Hobby Lobby, I got stuck in a bathroom stall so that was great.

Miguel’s MexTex Cafe was truly a beautiful place, but I don’t recommend the Carne Guisada, other than that it was perfect.

The zoo was small but entertaining. They had a variety of animal, plus Jasmin and Vallory got to feed a giraffe. We also bought some ice cream. When we arrived at the zoo we had seen swan boat rides with people in them so before we left we decided to give it a try. We literally waited 2 hours to ride them.

We left the zoo and went to the mall to get something to eat. The pizza slices were ginormous.

The car ride was quite since Vallory and Jasmin had fallen asleep. I fell asleep for about 5 minutes and woke up with my neck hurting. This concludes our little road trip. My friend Ja

My friend Jasmin has a vlog and vlogged the whole time. Check it out down below!

 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnPvFLxZd4w?ecver=1]



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