How To Get More Blog Views


Hello everyone! Today I am sharing with you tips to getting not only more blog views but also more engagement. When I started blogging I would have wished to have someone guide me through the process. The first couple of months were rocky. I would get frustrated because no one saw my blog. I started understanding little by little. Now I will be sharing some tips I have learned!

1. PIN

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 6.41.05 PM.png

I REALLY recommend that you pin your blog post. I get more than 200 views per day from just pinning my blog post. You could also join a Pinterest group with tons of followers that will increase your views and you have a greater on getting your blog post pinned. Plus it can help you connect with other bloggers.


Make friends. Having friends in the blogging world is the best thing. You can collaborate and host giveaways together. Which brings me to my next two points.


Collaborating with other bloggers is really helpful because it connects their followers/subscribers to your blog. It helps them get to know you and opens the doors to other opportunities. Collaborating with brands and having them repost your material will also allow people to see what you have to offer.


Having giveaways always attracts people that will stick around and read your material.


It is important to be yourself simply because it helps people connect with you genuinely. Authenticity is what will attract people to your blog.





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