Youtube Channel

plain_white_background_211387_Fotor.jpgI have decided to start a youtube channel that will allow me to communicate with my followers and subscribers, I guess you could say face to face. Plus it is way easier to do than writing a post, except the editing part. I will still be updating my blog weekly, but I will try to focus more on my youtube channel. (Does anyone else think of Ariana Grande when you see the word focus?) I am officially out of school so that means I will have more time to concentrate on my social media and other things. This summer hopefully I will be going to Galveston, Texas, which means I will be making some videos. If you would like to check out my channel the link is here. Go subscribe and join the #ShellFam. My channel will focus on fashion looks, tips, hauls, DIY, tutorials, health & lifestyle videos, and anything else I can come up with. I have not made a video, so please comment below some ideas.  Hopefully, I can have one done by next week!



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