Blog Maintenance

As a blogger, it is really important to go back and check on older post to either update them with ideas you have learned and to keep the traffic going. 

Blog Maintenance

1. Broken links – Every once in a while, it is important to go back to posts and check for broken links. Over time company might have changed their link or the link was just typed wrong.  This will affect your SEO greatly. Try checking the links regularly to make sure they are still working.

2. Rewrite/ update post – As you grow as a blogger you will learn to make the post more engaging. Go back and add fresh information you’ve learned since you wrote it. Also, take a look at old posts and see if you can change or update the title to make more SEO-friendly and eye-catching.

3. Old posts – Over time, your blog might have taken a different direction than you might have intended. Every now and then take a look back and check the post. If can’t be improved than delete any old post that doesn’t fit in with your blog or just put it as a draft.

4. Outdated pictures – My blogging has improved greatly over the past months. One thing I am proud of is that my pictures no longer looks dark. I have learned how to edit my pictures to make them look bright and eye-catching. Update picture from your posts to avoid them looking outdated.


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