2016 Goals and Hopes

1. My goals for 2016 is to grow my Instagram and my blog. I have met so many bloggers throughout my journey that some have become my friends. I havtumblr_mvn9qtP2VM1smlxuho1_500e also made a snail mail friend. You probably know her by her Instagram (@TheOfficialPrep). So far I haven’t met anyone in my town that blogs but maybe in the future I will.

2. Another goal of mine would be to grow my wardrobe with more cute and preppy clothes. I need more Vineyard Vines, Jadelynn Brooke, and Lilly Pulitzer. I have a few t-shirts but not as many as I wish to have. I have way too many workout clothes and too many shoes to count.

3. Last but not least is that I need to post more often on my blog.


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