Therapedic x College Update

College update: I changed one of my majors from Early Childhood Education to Human Sciences, and I couldn’t be happier. It feels so good to finally do something for myself! Plus, I have been given so many opportunities this semester…

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how gaming united my friends and sisters in college

yes, i am 21 and still play video games. it is something my sisters and i have always done. ever since we were little we would save up our money and buy a game. it was and still is our…

Shein Haul Under $20

there is nothing i love more than not spending tons of money on clothes. i think all my college gals can agree with me. we are trying to survive with $32 in the bank account and eating roman noodles. i am pretty sure by now…

sassaba x essentials collection

sets from sassaba i finally found the perfect set that has the best supportive bra! i tested them out in a high-intensity workout and my girls weren’t bouncing all over the place. i can confirm that these sets are squat proof, sweat proof, amazing quality,…

my fitness journey

⁣it’s been two weeks since i started my fitness journey, and i am so glad that i did. working out makes me feel so go and confident. i’ve been going to the gym every day since i signed up, monday-saturday. the first day i walked…

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I'm Shelly! A college student trying to make it in life.


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